1. bigfatwife said: i love ur hatred its so raw

    They shouldn’t have tried to steal my money

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  2. one day shipping my ass

    let me start by saying that t-mobile can lick the mayonnaise from between the crack of my ass. mainly because i go into the store and ask to get a phone to replace my old one. i order the phone and ask for the “next day expedited shipping” it has been 4 fucking days already and apparently they need to approve some shit before i even get it. why the fuck would you say i can get the fucking phone the next day if it has to go through a mother fucking approval process that nobody knows what consists of.

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  3. bigfatwife said: THIS BLOG IS SO TRUEEEE

    It’s sad but true

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  4. The FUCKERS won’t activate my phone due to fake ass network downtime and i’v been without a phone for 2nd /half FUCKING YEARS      you see this shit Fucking right here?? 

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  5. comme-laurier-rose said: This is fantastic! I've been fighting with tmobile for over two months, called so many times , and I still drop a call five times. I'm treated like a child even though I know my rights and what was signed. All I get is "have you tried wifi calling"

    It might be time to report them to the FCC. That was the ONLY way I was able to actually get decent service. Just make sure to document everything well. Tmobile customer service is absolutely horrible. They take pride in it. I know I always try to be nice when I call but every single time they are rude and I always have to raise my voice just to let them know that just because I can be polite doesn’t mean I’m going to be walked over. 

    Document all phone calls and submit to the FCC, it’s the only way to get any support. 

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  6. heres a lil tidbit of info if interested the CEO of t-mobile is a twitter fan,.. heres his log @johnlegere,…….have fun plz do tell him how you feel about his award winning service,… and remember you can jump into any convo on twitter

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  7. How hard is it to give your customer what they purchased??

    I tried to purchase an iPhone 5s on cyber-Monday. However I couldn’t get through to them via computer nor phone.  I finally purchased the phone that Tuesday and paid for overnight shipping. I watched the UPS tracker all day Wednesday, waiting for them to come to my office to deliver my phone.  The tracking indicated that the phone was delivered….but it never showed up in my office.

    I call T-Mobile to inform them that my package never arrived.  After being bounced around from one representative to another…they inform me that they have to do an investigation prior to telling me what they can or will do for me.  I call them every day trying to find out what is going on, where is my phone, when can I get a phone????  I keep being transferred from one representative to another. The only solution I have been offered is to buy yet another phone and they will waive the overnight shipping fee. WTF???!!! 

    They already have $112 and I have no phone. So now they want to give them another $85 and we’ll hope I get one of the phones? I don’t think so.

    By Saturday, I have had enough of the BS. No one can give me an answer as to when I can get a phone or if I’m getting a refund.  I’m losing my shit. I told them that they are to refund me in full now.  “I’m sorry…..we can’t so that until the trace is comepleted”  Its a fucking iPhone!! All you have to do is see if someone is using the damn thing and track it down. Apple does this all the damn time!!!

    Fuck T-Mobile….I filed a dispute with my credit card company since I still never received a phone from T-Mobile.  I walked into ATT and walked out with an iPhone.  I may be paying $20 more a month than I would have through T-Mobile, but I have a phone that works and received good customer service. Something T-Mobile needs serious training in.

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  8. Logging to user account sucks

    Everytime there is a problem loggin in. This last time I had to reset my password. The new password field asks for some conditions for the password. The irony is that it is not accepting my password because it has to have “at least one character”!! It satisfies “at least 8 characters”, “at least one number” and “at least one capital letter”. I even tried “at least one non-alph-numeric character” to see if that will solve the problem. No! And every month, every time I want to log in to my account, I have one or another problem. Not to forget the terrible network coverage.

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  9. Supervisor said she COULD give me a refund, but wouldn’t

    I bought a sim card with a month’s worth of service (unlimited text and data) for a Nexus 4 and used it for about a week. During that week I had frequent drops of data in certain areas, whenever I called people it would echo, text messages sometimes took a while to get to the person I was sending them to, and (the best part) I kept getting calls for some other guy because they recycled the number. The entire experience was bad, so I called to cancel the service and get at least a pro-rated refund. I was routed to four different departments until I finally spoke with someone who told me she lived in my city and has perfect service. She told me that the only way she would give me a refund is if I was promised service but didn’t get it. The city I live in is kind of big, and there are outlying areas that are still considered part of the city. She insisted that service is perfect and refused to give me a refund. I would understand if I was outside of the typical 14-day return period, but this was only six days in.

    tl;dr - T-Mobile has shitty service and will steal your money.

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    lying sacs of shit. either they are ruthless liars who don’t care about customers at all and will screw you over for a buck or they are really really really ignorant and unknowledgeable employees. do not sign a contract with these people, do not buy a phone from these people, do not go to their stores without doing all the homework first and then reconfirm whatever they tell you 2-3 times before you sign/buy anything. I got 3 different prices when I talked to 3 different people (the truth was the most expensive one, obviously.)

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